Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Repositioning Round-Up 3: The Finale

Well, we are finally coming to the end of our travels from the West to the East coast through the Panama Canal.  I tried beers in each country we stopped at and here are the last ones:

Costa Rica: Imperial – Ceveceria Costa Rica
Light gold with a creamy white head and an acidic citrus taste.  Not bad in the heat but your usual adjunct lager :-)

Costa Rica: Pilzen – Ceveceria Costa Rica
Light gold and acidic like Imperial but with a more malty body – I liked this one much better!

Columbia: Aguila – Ceveceria Bavaria S.A.
Gold with a fuzzy white head the aroma of this brew reminded me of Heineken.  Aguila has a good body with a balance of hops and malt but seems a bit oily.  Not bad for an adjunct lager though.

Puerto Rico: Magna Premium Lager – Cevecera de Puerto Rico
Clear light gold with a low head with a slightly limey aroma with a background of grain.  This is a lager with a very good body and a balance taste of grain, malt and some sweetness.

St. Thomas US Virgin Islands: Banks Premium Caribbean Lager – Banks (Barbados) Breweries
This lager was interesting – light amber in colour with a fizzy head and very carbonated it has an acidic lime aroma.  It had a very acidic taste also with a lime and grain background, interesting but odd as well!

And now we are on the East coast!  And Christmas is coming too… stay tuned!

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