Thursday, 11 July 2013

I'm a Virtual Brewster!

Aha!  I am still alive, in case you were wondering :-)  My work on the cruise ships has been keeping me super busy, but I am going to endeavour to try to keep this little blog going when I can.

How's about a review of a beer I brewed?  Well... I didn't get hands on but I was part of the group of virtual brewers put together by Best Of British Beer to create a virtual brew.

As a group we chose the style of beer, what type of hops would be used, the strength of the brew and the name.

The result was VIPA, a collaboration brew between BOB's virtual brewers and Lymestone Brewery.  This is the description on the website:

VIPA- Virtual India Pale Ale is a collaboration between Lymestone Brewery and Bob's Virtual Brewers.  
The first crowd sourced beer proves that brewing by committee really does work.  
It is a 5% IPA,brewed with a pale malt to give a pale golden colour and a delicious combination of Cascade, Summit and Columbis hops give a sharp but juicy grapefruit flavour. It's a very refreshing beer with a long dry finish. 
I got my case yesterday and tried one out - pretty tasty!  It has an almost smokey bitterness with a citrus aftertaste.  The lime aroma hits you as soon as you open it!  Great for the summer, I'm taking some to a bbq with friends this weekend.  After all my name is on the label!

A selection of participants also got to go along to the brewery and help out - here's a blog post about it.

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