Monday, 16 April 2012

Let Me Tell You A Little About Myself...

Hello! Welcome to the first post of my new blog.

My name is Joanne and by profession I am a wardrobe supervisor. Most of the time I work on cruise ships traveling the world and doing arty things. I embroider, watch movies, read books and hang out with my friends. Recently, however, I have realised that I have another hobby. I really like beer.... and I really like tasting beer! Where ever I am I like to try the 'beer of the land'.

I only started to drink beer in 2008 but since then to date (April 2012) I have tried 127 different beers and my list is growing all the time.

On this blog I am going to start writing about the beers I try and the beer adventures I have. I also hope to learn about beer while I'm at it. I'm no expert, I just like drinking beer! I want to learn about types of beer, brewers and all that jazz and hopefully give you my unique perspective on it - as a woman, as a traveler, as an artist and as an amateur.

Follow me on my journey, why don't you and have a few brews with me :-)

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