Monday, 16 April 2012

What's My Story?

I have only been drinking beer since 2008. I thought you might like to know
how this came about, so here's my story...

I have tried beer at various times throughout my life. My grandad and uncle
would dip our dummies in their pints when we were little. As I got old
enough to drink alcohol myself I didn't really like beer. I was girl, I
drank fruity drinks.

In 2007 I began work on cruise ships and the crew bar only served beer and
wine. I'm not a big wine drinker. I only really like white wine and sweet
ones at that. That left me with Smirnoff Ice.... Which was so sugary it
gave me indigestion. I had to find something else to drink...

I suffered the lack of suitable beverages until the summer of 2008. I was
on a different ship by then and with new people. While in the crew bar one
night one of my male friends went to buy me a drink and the conversation
went something like this:
Him: What do you want?
Me: A Smirnoff
Him: I'm not buying you that, it's basically Sprite, I'm getting you a beer
Me: But I don't like beer!
Him: You've never had a Sam Adams, have you?

He was right, I hadn't... I loved it! To this day Sam Adams is still my
favourite. It opened me up to a whole world of hoppy goodness. From there
I wanted to try more - lagers, ales, stouts, fruit based. I have found a
world of flavours in beers and I want to find more!

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