Friday, 18 May 2012

The Bride and The Beer

This morning on Twitter I found a beer-related article that shocked me with it's ridiculousness.

In New Zealand, the photo of a woman drinking a beer while wearing a wedding dress has shocked people and caused claims that the photo is 'disgusting'.  The woman photographed, Katrina Hayman was backstage at a Bride of the Year competition and was snapped by the Taranaki Daily News drinking a beer.  The photo was used on the front cover and caused controversy with readers claiming it was disgusting and the organisers of the event asking for a retraction as it showed the competition in a bad light.

The problem I have with this is people's perception of a bride.  Why can't a bride drink a beer?  I'm sure many have and will; why is it considered 'disgusting' for a woman to drink beer on her wedding day?  Why should she have to drink wine?  My mother does not drink alcohol, not for any other reason than she doesn't like the taste.  She never has.  On her wedding day, instead of champagne she had lemonade, but so no one would know they wrapped the lemonade bottle in a towel.  Over 30 years later you would think that we were open-minded enough for a woman to drink whatever she wants on her wedding day!

When I get married, I quite fancy toasting the day with a vintage beer rather than champagne that I'm not too fond of.  And if that's what I want, that is what I will have no matter what anyone thinks!

Here is a very good article by Natasha Burton from the Huffington Post discussing the issue quite nicely:  Why There's Nothing Wrong With A Bride Drinking Beer 

Here is the article about the incident in The Daily Mail with the original photo: Photo of Bride Swigging Beer Branded 'Disgusting'

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